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Fill Your Sales Teams Calendar

We do the grunt work for you so your sales team can

stick to what they're best at, selling.

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Without a consistent stream of qualified leads, your business is capped.

Everyday you spend marketing improperly, you sacrifice massive amounts of time, money and most importantly your growth.

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More Time, More Sales

We understand the more time your sales team spends sourcing, the less time they spend selling. At Bentley Group we source leads through organic conversation methods, giving your sales team a great lead and their time back.

Introducing, Online Advantage

A solution to prospecting that turns your calendar into revenue with pre-vetted leads and opportunities for your sales team.

Online Workshop

Your sales team should focus on what they do best:


Sourcing Leads

This is why we take care of:

As Easy As


Book A
Discovery Call

Let's get to know each other. Fill out the inquiry form by clicking "Start Growing" and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.


Craft Campaign

Every brand is unique, therefore your marketing approach should be too. We’ll set up a call to clarify your ideal client and walk you through our campaign strategy to ensure we are connecting you with your ideal client.


Increase Revenue & Opportunities

Apply a strategic campaign connecting you to your ideal audience resulting in increased trust and revenue.

How it works
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Brandon Hodgins

Founder & CEO of Car Capture

"Andrew and his team at Bentley Group helped connect me with the car dealerships across the GTA for my premium lead generation and content creation. He helped me clarify who my ideal client was, pre-vetted a list of the best dealerships and carried out a successful campaign that booked meetings directly into my calendar. His results were exactly what I had hoped for and far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Bentley Group to anyone looking to expand their business or find a new B2B client!"

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Meetings Booked With

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Give your sales team the opportunities they deserve

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